the world is not fair

fazema: hello?
Luciano: hi
fazema: where r u from/

Luciano: i`m from Villa María, Argentina
south america
and u?
fazema: China, Nanjing, near to Shanghai
Luciano: oh
i`ll google nanjing, to see photos
amazing colors: http://www.travelsphere.co.uk/website/about-trav/images/hires/Shanghai%20-%20Nanjing%20Road.jpg
fazema: :)
may i know you name? so i can remember you
Luciano: my name is Luciano Menardo
I have in my gtalk list.
fazema: i'm Zefa Ma
Luciano: i have you in my talk list
nice to meet you, Ma
(Ma is your first name, isn`t?)
fazema: Menardo is you family name?
Luciano: yes ha ha
it is
in occident is opposite in orient
i have a lot of people in my gmail talk list of contacts: so I`m chating with everybody to make friends (or erase persons )
fazema: what is it which you sent me just now?
Luciano: the link?
fazema: yep
Luciano: is a pic of your city I found in google
fazema: ma is my family name, i change it. usually here people call me as Ma Ze Fa.
:) the picture is not Nanjing
it is Nanjing Road in Shanghai
Luciano: how old are you?
fazema: 25
Luciano: r u student?
fazema: yeah.
Luciano: wath do you study?
fazema: finance]
Luciano: my sister, named "Analìa", studied Economics
fazema: oh.
Argentina is a famous cuntry in my major
Luciano: why?
wath is "my major"?
your parents?
fazema: Argentina is a case of financial crisis
Luciano: o, yeah
but our political class are working to chage that
fazema: now China is preparing openness
Luciano: they went in to a general default
fazema: we must learn from Argentina
Luciano: China will be USA in a couple of decades
I think Argentina and China are very different
fazema: the world is not fair
Luciano: well, the natura ist`n too
fazema: many crisises are led by the liberalization theory
which is beats the drum for by the developed country
Luciano: I have to go for a while
i must go to take a picture
fazema: okay
Luciano: to my news paper
we continue another day
fazema: bye


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