who ?

anamarbsdmy: ?
who ?
Luciano: hi
i`m Luciano, from Argentina
anamarbsdmy: yes
Luciano: I invite you to chat becouse I have your email in my list
(I don`t know why)
anamarbsdmy: :)
nice to meet u
Luciano: the same I was writting...
anamarbsdmy: haha!
ASL please
Luciano: 29. Male. villa María, Córdoba
anamarbsdmy: me too
Luciano: you too?
wath is you ASL?
anamarbsdmy: yes
Luciano: oh, I chatted with many people from there
I don`t understand why they are in my gmail talk list...
anamarbsdmy: yes
me too


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, how come you have all these random people in your buddy list? Did you sell your gmail invitations on ebay?

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