who the hell is this

bigf1526: who the hell is this
do i know u
Luciano: i`m sending invitations who every gmail account in my list
to know they (or erase they)
bigf1526: how did u get on ur list if i don't know u?
don't you think that's a little unfair
Luciano: I don`t have idea
the same I say
bigf1526: why would you want to talk to me if you have no clue who i cam
you *am
you don't know who i am
and u don't speak english
Luciano: many friend ships had start in that way
bigf1526: so i don't know how you got my email address
Luciano: there have been people who got married
bigf1526: i don't care
ur using a translater
Luciano: well, let finish this
bigf1526: finish what?
have we started anything?
Luciano: this bitter (for you) talk
go with god
bigf1526: you are invading my privacy by adding me, because I don't know you
go with g-d?
what's that supposed to mean
i disapprove of you
Luciano: well, let me go out your privacy
bigf1526: good
Luciano: errase me
good bye
bigf1526: i'm blocking you now
Luciano: ok


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