what't the purpose?

(DAY 2)
Luciano: hi
did I tell you about my blog?
fazema: not yet
Luciano: ok
i opened a blog, yesterday, with all thats first chats with unknowed people. I just changed the nick names, to avoid spamers to they
the url is www.newcontact.blogspot.com
fazema: sorry, here can't open the website
Luciano: oh
i didn`t know that
but I can send it thru email to u?
fazema: okay
Luciano: can you read PDF files?
fazema: i can
Luciano: ok
did you recive the email?
fazema: yes, i got it
what't the purpose?
Luciano: of blog?
about blog
is just to produce something fun, or reflexive
about multiculturalism
fazema: :-)
Luciano: when you want to know some blog, juts tell me, and I will send you
i don`t like that governmet prohibition
fazema: thank you


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