New friend

wannuim: Good Morning
Luciano: hi
good nights
wannuim: Good Night
where r u??
Luciano: in Villa María, Argentina
and u?
wannuim: Myanmar,
U know?
Luciano: no, but I chatted with some from there
is in Asia?
wannuim: Right, south East asia
Luciano: ok
wannuim: How u come to my gmail account?
Where u get it?
Luciano: I have you in my list, so I invited to know you or to erase you
wannuim: NO problem
Luciano: I don`t know how you get there, but here you are...
i have many many contacts
wannuim: anyway, I am 30 yrs old , Male
and u??
Luciano: and i`m doing this since 2 days ago
29 years, male
i`m photographer
wannuim: Really, good
I am petroleum Engineer
Luciano: you can see blogs from Myanmar?
wannuim: working at Offshore Oil and gas company
in Myanmar
Luciano: ok
i worked in a gasoline station years ago...
wannuim: what u mean by blogs??
Luciano: it was my approach to your busines, ha ha
wannuim: what
's ur nationality??
Luciano: i mean websites with blogspot.com extension
I`m from Argentina,
wannuim: oh, I see
Luciano: I`m argentinian
wannuim: ok
Luciano: (wait a second, I go for a cofee)
wannuim: New friend
go on
Luciano: here I am
wannuim: ok
what r u doing now??
Luciano: i`m waiting my girlfriend finish to write her email to her mother, to start to watch a movie "El padrino"
is an old movie
wannuim: Is that good??
Luciano: i thing it is
it is a famous movie
wannuim: Who is the main actor?
Luciano: i will google that. gimme a second
wannuim: Oh, I see, I already watch this movie but I forgot the name
I knew it
Tha't the good one
Luciano: ok
wannuim: I back to work, see u later , Dude
Luciano: ok, see u


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