The lil gal with a tennis bat is really cute

saramayl: Hi.
Luciano: hi
saramayl: Do I know U before? ;)
Luciano: i dont think. I have in my gmail talk list
but i don`t know you
saramayl: Well, you sent me an add request...
Anyway, where are you from? China?
Luciano: i ivite to chat to see if is any sense to have each other in our lists
i`m from Argentina
South America
and u?
saramayl: Alright
So, what do you do?
Luciano: i`m a photographer
i have some commercial pics here: www.lucianom.blogspot.com
saramayl: oh... thats your blog about! What language is that?
Luciano: spanish
do you don`t recognize spanish at first look?
saramayl: unfortunately..;.. idon't understand it. :(
Luciano: ok
saramayl: How to identify it?
wow! lots of nice photos! :D
Luciano: i don`t how to explain... I think it is fulled of vocals, but not muchs "a", like arabian languages
how old are you?
saramayl: :D never mind! I think I will find it out by visiting a few spanish sites...
Luciano: (are you man or woman?)
i hope you do.
saramayl: Man......... you?
Luciano: you visit us
29 years
saramayl: 20 yr old. Why? Does that matter? :o
Luciano: wath matters?
you mean, if the sex gender matters?
saramayl: my age and whether I am a guy or gal? Just asking! Don't take it serious!
Luciano: hah
saramayl: The lil gal with a tennis bat is really cute.
Luciano: yes
i hope to sell many pics
saramayl: Professional photographer? not just a hobby?
Luciano: i live with that, but I didn`t study photography...
life is like that: you have to do wath is in your hands
u have to improvise
saramayl: oh! Self taught! That takes you the hard way! Learning through your own experience!
Its a loong processs but certainly a good one! :)
Luciano: ha
is evening in India right now?
saramayl: 12:50 PM of April 10th.
Morning in your place?
Luciano: 4.19 am
of april 10
saramayl: ooooooh! Thats quiet early! :D
Luciano: i have to go to bed
saramayl: lol! :D
I thought you just woke up! :D
Luciano: i stay awake watching "the godfather"
amazing film
saramayl: Yup, nice film! haven't seen it yet though....
Luciano: i`m still seeing (in my mind) that hard faces
saramayl: my friends here told me about it...
Luciano: it is great, really
saramayl: :D
may be you should get a few winks before you begin the day!
Luciano: yes..
but i know me... Sleep is a lost case in some oportunities...
saramayl: okay! Then, a nice intro chat with you! Wish to build on!
Luciano: the better for me now is go ahead like i can
saramayl: :D lost case! Tough warrior?
Luciano: I lost war against imnsomnius
i don`t know how it writes, ha ha
saramayl: Then you better go to sleep now! insomnia I beleive!
Luciano: sleeplessness
saramayl: By the way, I am a Student of Medicine.
Luciano: oh
saramayl: and Insomnia is "lack of sleep"
Luciano: so you are a man or a girl?
why do you don`t want to say?
do you think I`ll make any difference?
saramayl: I told you buddy! I am a guy all the way from India of 20 yrs doing my medicine! :D
Luciano: ahaha
saramayl: yup,thats me
Luciano: I believe to read that you didn`t wanna to say
well, ok
i`m gonna sleep now
nice to meet
saramayl: Gooooooooooooood Night! Chweeeeeeeet dreams! :)
Luciano: same for you doctor
saramayl: :D
Luciano: bye


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