I'm a student

janbrody: who is this and how did you get my email (not to sound mean, but I'm not sure I know you)
Luciano: hi
my name is Luciano, I`m from argentina
i don`t know how I have your mail but it appeared in my talk contact list
janbrody: o, alright
Luciano: and i`m inviting everyone I my list, to know them or erase them
janbrody: :) nice to meet you then
I'm Brody
Luciano: oh, nice to meet you too
are you woman or male?
or where are you from?
(to make me a image of you)
janbrody: Male, from the US
Luciano: ok
i`m a photographer
janbrody: neet
Luciano: neet?
janbrody: neat* sorry
Luciano: wath is neat?
janbrody: I like photography, but I'm not very good, neat means, cool, or great, basically, that's interesting
it means that's interesting
Luciano: ok ok
janbrody: it's one of our idiums
Neat usually means the opposite of messy
Luciano: ah, undestand
janbrody: :)
Luciano: and wath do you do? (for work)
janbrody: I'm a student
Luciano: are you a teenager?
janbrody: yes
Luciano: ha, ok
janbrody: I'm almost in high school
Luciano: I have a site where I put pics of teenagers in fridays and saturdays nights
janbrody: cute puppie
how old is it?
Luciano: How old is wath?
janbrody: the puppie on your site, the young dog
Luciano: aah
one month, I think
janbrody: o
You do a good job with your web site
Luciano: thanks
well, I must go to cinema with my girlfriend
see you
janbrody: Well, it was nice meeting you. I hope I see you online again soon.
Luciano: nice to meet you
i will be
janbrody: nice to meet you

(day 2)

janbrody: Hello again
Luciano: hi
how are you
janbrody: I'm good, you?
Luciano: fine
i`m coming from work
janbrody: How is your website?
Luciano: which of them?
janbrody: Where do you work?
Luciano: in a newspaper
janbrody: The photo site.
Luciano: www.eldiariocba.com.ar (is the newspaper)
my photo gallery is www.lucianom.blogspot.com an I colaborate with www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
janbrody: So, what is your name. So I can look at your articles.
Luciano: My name is Luciano Menardo, but I don`t publish with it
I`m redacter and photographer
janbrody: What do you publish with?
Luciano: wait, I`ll show you things (let me search it)
look: http://www.eldiariocba.com.ar/edicion/edicion/titulos/imageN2 (I take this pic)
in the home of www.eldiariocba.com.ar you can see it
wath are doing?
janbrody: I am trying to understand how to open up the picture tou took
Luciano: just copy and paste the link in your navbar
in a explorer window
janbrody: it doesn't work
How did you get my e-mail again?
Luciano: ir works in my PC
well, anyway: is not a very nice pic...
janbrody: why is that?
Luciano: why wath?
janbrody: why is the pic bad?
Luciano: is a pic of a old woman, and... she is not so nice... ha ha
janbrody: lol
How did you get my e-mail address?
Luciano: I just have in my gtalk list
i have hundred of addresses
janbrody: it just, appeared there?
Luciano: yes, I`m inviting everyones in that list, to know who they are
janbrody: in what list?
Luciano: in my gtalk list
the list of my gmail talk window
janbrody: so, it's in your gtalk list, but how did it get on there?
Luciano: I don`t have the minimun idea
janbrody: no offense sir, but that is extremely suspicious
Luciano: no problem
we should ask about it to google talk ingeneers
i found an article about this
janbrody: what is the article?
Luciano: http://adamjh.blogspot.com/2006/04/google-decides-who-should-be-able-to.html
21 minutos

janbrody: Wow, well, I understand now
I'm sorry to have accused you
Luciano: ok ok
ha ha
janbrody: I need to be careful because there are some pretty weird people online. Everyone needs to guard themself.
Luciano: of course
i do the same
5 minutos

janbrody: I just e-mailed google about the situation. No offense, but it scares me. Some pedofile could have me on his list and I wouldn't know it.
Luciano: I think you do right
janbrody: Thanks
Luciano: I have two sisters, and I don`t like my sister of 14 years old chat with anyone...
janbrody: I mean, there's only a certain amount of trust you can give in someone you don't really know, or haven't ever met.
Luciano: thats true, but also is: we, the persons, have to know new people
life is like this
and is good in that way
we need to be opened
janbrody: That is true, but one must be conscience of dangers that are out there. Not everyone in the world you haven't met is bad, but being careful is the best option. Not paranoid.
Luciano: of course
I meet my girl friend because i read her text in her blog: alanoche.blogspot.com
janbrody: lol
Luciano: now we live togheter
I don`t know
janbrody: lol
Luciano: the world is the same thru the web than the streets
is true that we have to be carefoul
well,, I must go
janbrody: I'm glad, you are that fortunate, because some people have been abducted through online chats
Luciano: continue chatting another day?
janbrody: Alrihgt
Luciano: ok
see you
janbrody: c ya later
Luciano: bye bye
janbrody: bye


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