i`m a gentoo linux user

19800thestick: ro?
Luciano: hi
19800thestick: ro?
Luciano: speak english?
19800thestick: yes
Luciano: or spanish?
19800thestick: no spanish
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: only romanian & english
Luciano: ok ok
im from argentina
19800thestick: nice :)
Luciano: I`m sending invitations to people that I have in my chat list
people who I don`t know
19800thestick: figured out that :)
Luciano: I do it just to know they or erase they
19800thestick: i don`t mind
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: you having me in your list
Luciano: yes
19800thestick: as long as you don`t disturb me unnecesarily
Luciano: I don`t know why
ok, I won`t do that never
19800thestick: neither will i
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: bye
Luciano: but I have to know somthing about you, just to have the need to disturb you a little (but not will do that)
somthing like wath do you do, etc.
19800thestick: go on
Luciano: im photographer
19800thestick: i`m a algorithm progammer
Luciano: wath is your work?
19800thestick: i`m learning algorithms
all day long
Luciano: are you un high scholl?
19800thestick: yes
i`m 16
how old are you?
Luciano: 29
sorry, I have phone
now i`m free again
19800thestick: .oh
Luciano: I have a sister of 14 years
19800thestick: i assume you took my id from a big mailing list?
Luciano: no
19800thestick: or something?
Luciano: I dont know why i have your mail
19800thestick: but from where?
Luciano: your id
19800thestick: strange:P
Luciano: i have 880 gmail people in my list
19800thestick: 19800thestick , my gtalk id
Luciano: in my google talk list
well, i dont` distrub you anymore
go ahear with that matematics
good luck
19800thestick: thank you
good luck to you also
Luciano: ok
if you want to know how is Villa María (the place in argentina where I live) go to www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
19800thestick: i`ll see
nice photos
Luciano: thaks!
19800thestick: is this your blog?
or your city`s?
Luciano: it is mine city and my blog
my city
19800thestick: ..ohh
Luciano: wath is you city?
19800thestick: http://www.orasulsuceava.ro/index02_OrasulSuceava_Fotografii.html
Luciano: oh
i will google suceava
19800thestick: chose george enescu
that is where i live
Luciano: ok ok
woow, wath a nice place
im watching a panoramic photo!!
19800thestick: thank you
Luciano: lovely mountains in the far
19800thestick: yes..
Luciano: and clouds
19800thestick: every summer i go to the mountains
Luciano: yeah
in spanish "very nice" says: "muy lindo", and pronunciate (in english) "mooy leendo"
19800thestick: :))
Luciano: bueno, me voy a trabajar
well, i continue working
19800thestick: si eu ma duc la munca
Luciano: in my photos
19800thestick: :)
Luciano: wath did you say?
" eu ma duc la munca"?
19800thestick: si eu ma duc la munca = i `m going to continue working too
munca = working
si eu = me too
ma duc = i`m going
Luciano: ok ok
thanks for the talk
i was thinking in open a blog with my first chats with unknowed persons (like u)
wath do you think?
19800thestick: i don`t mind
Luciano: ok ok
19800thestick: eventually switch 613 with 316
so i don`t recieve spam
Luciano: i wont do that
19800thestick: and stuff
Luciano: ok, i understand
good advice
19800thestick: unfourtanley , some people continue spamming
Luciano: yes...
19800thestick: very nice idea about chats /w unknown people
Luciano: thanks, I will star a blog (with the nicknames changed for protectios, like you suggest)
19800thestick: add to my description , or somehere
that i`m a gentoo linux user
i promote linux :)
Luciano: yes?
19800thestick: yes :)
Luciano: wath is "gentoo"?
19800thestick: a linux distribution
Luciano: ok
in argentina doesn`t exist to pay for software
19800thestick: neither romania
Luciano: here every things are free
it is good
19800thestick: bittorent / piracy
we know
Luciano: yea
i use the Ares
19800thestick: but windows sucks anyway
Luciano: yes

19800thestick: er..
and let me know
when the blog is ready
i would like to see it
Luciano: ok ok


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