I only know footballers at Agrentina

winyeme: hey
u invite me
Luciano: hi
i`m iviting everybody who appears in my gmail list
to make friends (or erase contacts)
winyeme: how come??
how am i your contact list
Luciano: I have not idea. I just have a 1000 gmail contacts
it suprices me too
winyeme: oh great
Luciano: i was thinking in open a blog with my frist talks: yesterday I had one funny
i show it
gimme a seccond
winyeme: now I am watching your website fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
winyeme: may I know your ASL
Luciano: wath is?
my computer IP?
winyeme: no no age sex and location
Luciano: ok
29. Male. City of Villa María, Argentina
winyeme: me,26 male Singapore
Luciano: i have photos in my blog www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
oh, singapore
so far
winyeme: but I am burmese
do u know Burma
Luciano: no, I dont
where is it?
winyeme: near thailand,now called Myanmar
Luciano: really? yesterday I chat (in the same way like now) with a kid from there
he send me incredible photo links
the best of gmail talk is it put your chats directly in you mail account
winyeme: yes
Luciano: http://www.orasulsuceava.ro/index02_OrasulSuceava_Fotografii.html
winyeme: its cool
Luciano: no no, this kid was from rumania, not from Myanmar...
I chat a lot between yesterday and today, ha ha
winyeme: what is ur language,portugese
or somethign
Luciano: My language?
or yours?
the mine is Spanish
winyeme: normally we are using burmese
Luciano: ok
winyeme: but in singapore we are using english
Luciano: i will google Burma
winyeme: go on
Luciano: two languages?
winyeme: yes
Luciano: oh, I`m seeing a shocking gold temple
watching, I meen
winyeme: I think it is our famous "shwedagon" pagoda
it nearly 1000 years old
Luciano: yes, it is
winyeme: I only know footballers at Agrentina
Luciano: well, we have many football everywhere
I, personaly, don`t linke football
winyeme: don't u play football
Luciano: because I grow up in Venezuela (another country), where the sport that kids plays are baseball
winyeme: I also know venezuela
Miss universe
Luciano: yes, that is a famous thing of they
winyeme: May I know your professional
Luciano: but the middle venezuelan girl is not very "miss universe"
yes, I`m photographer
winyeme: really,I am very interested in taking photograph
Luciano: I have some (profesional) pics in www.lucianom.blogspot.com
wath do u want to talk about?
(in photography, I mean)
winyeme: I am not professional in photograph
I am just a amateure
Luciano: wath do you do for live?
winyeme: I am an IT professional
Luciano: No no: I`m a amateur too: but in this little city you can camouflagge a little
i don`t have photgraphy studies, but nobody have here
wath is IT?
winyeme: computer professional
Luciano: ok
winyeme: I am watching your website
your girls are so pretty
Luciano: thanks
they are
(about be profesional: photography is just practice, like play piano)
well, I go to work
winyeme: ok
Luciano: to deliver a CD with pics
see you Yemin Win
winyeme: ok see you


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