hey what is this photo,a man lying and injured seriously

(Day 2)
winyeme: hi
Luciano: hi
how r u?
r u there?
I started to use things like "r" and "u"
winyeme: no problem
find thanks
Luciano: it is a consecuence of my frecuent english chat
winyeme: fine
Luciano: ha
wath are you doing?
winyeme: surfing the web
and u
how about ur business
Luciano: one minute ago I stopped wath a movie
I have to sleep some
tomorrow I have a lot of work
I have to write for the newspaper
I have to take hundred of photos...
winyeme: ok ok
go on ur sleep
your careet is very interesting
Luciano: thanks
winyeme: career
Luciano: career?
wath you mean?
winyeme: career mean your job professional
so are u a journalist
Luciano: I enjoy it very much.
I`m a photographer and journalist
winyeme: g8,I want to be
Luciano: but I worked in worst places
winyeme: if u have time,share me your experience
why,do u want to say your country agrentina is worst
Luciano: No no.
My country is like the others: exactly different and unique.
I`m just taking the pulse to my days
winyeme: oh I see
Luciano: how old was you?
winyeme: where do u have to go tomorrow
Luciano: 8.30: english class
(you see I need it, ha ha)
in evening, taking photos and delivering some photos too
winyeme: English class?what is it
do u have to go there to get news
Luciano: no no
visit www.eldiariocba.com.ar
i work there
I must take inglish class to lear inglish, to me.
winyeme: ok I'll check it out
hey what is this photo,a man lying and injured seriously
Luciano: Was you who show me that amazing panoramic pic the other day?
a pic of buildings, a wall of buildings
winyeme: I don't know ur language spain
I cann't understand
Luciano: ok
winyeme: is the newspaper named eldiario
Luciano: yes
are you watching a man that fall into the grass
are you?
winyeme: yes
I am watching it
what happen to him
Luciano: he was fishing
winyeme: and then
Luciano: and trhow away the fish-net
(y don`t know how say "fish-net"
winyeme: ok I understand
go on
Luciano: and the wheit of it pull he
to water
winyeme: what is wheit
Luciano: So he fall into a cascade
and was hitted by the rocks, by the underwater rocks
and, in a miracle way, I catch an island
So he was picked up from a bridge
(I take this picture from the bridge)
I will send you by mail
winyeme: his age is 67,how come??is fishing is his professional
or fishing for relaxation
Luciano: I take many pics of this fact
no no
no profesional
winyeme: ok show me
Luciano: fishing for relax, to enjoy
he was fishing with friends
winyeme: but I don't understand wheit
what do u mean,u want to say whale
Luciano: tomorrow I`ll send the others pics
i mean weight
(i`m not sure how to write that)
weight, heave


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