Hey don't post this chat online! lol

jaime.smith: hello?
Luciano: hola
que tal
jaime.smith: who are you?
Luciano: i`m LUciano. I invited to chat to everyone in my list
to know who they are
i`m from argentina
jaime.smith: mi no habla español but im spaniard lol
muy poquito only...:(
Luciano: ok
let`s talk in english
i`m doing this to chat in english
jaime.smith: sueta me
Luciano: look at www.newcontact.blogspot.com
jaime.smith: jk.
Yeah sure
What's this
I'm in cali btw
Luciano: check it
jaime.smith: all righty
Luciano: cali?
where are you?
jaime.smith: california amigo:-P
Luciano: ok
jaime.smith: bonito bonita!
What the hell!?
you're posting chat transcripts online...
Luciano: your spanish is so widespread
is to feel i leak out in some way
(i don`t find the word...)
jaime.smith: it's not widespread.. there's another word
Luciano: is to feel i trascend in some way, that is
jaime.smith: But it's because I am spanish myself
Luciano: really?
jaime.smith: But I don't speak the language...
Luciano: where are you from?
jaime.smith: California, USA i told you :-)
Hey don't post this chat online! lol
Luciano: but aren`t you telling me that you are spanish?
i change the nick, don`t make troubble
jaime.smith: Yes my mother is Portuguese/Spanish
Luciano: ah, ok
jaime.smith: Cool ok
Luciano: you have to live a romance with a latin girl to learn the language
jaime.smith: Lol
Luciano: sorry: wath`s "lol"?
jaime.smith: I want to learn Spanish too
LOL is acronym for "Laughing Out Loud"
Laughs Out Loud = L.O.L.
Luciano: is like say "ha ha ha!"
jaime.smith: yeah you got it
Luciano: so wath do you study?
jaime.smith: Oi Papi!
Computer Science
Computer Sciencia?
Luciano: wath is that, specificly?
jaime.smith: un momento
Luciano: Ciencia computacional, ciencia de computadoras, computaciòn cientìfica.
jaime.smith: Are they all different?
Ciencia computacional, computadoras, computacion cientifica...?
They are the same right?
Luciano: no, they are different, but I don`t know wath you want to say
jaime.smith: what is ciencia de computadoras?
Are you Argentinian?
Luciano: yes, I`m.
sorry, my girlfriend is telling me: "Choose: or your internet friend or me!"
she is a little demanding
jaime.smith: Lol
Luciano: yeah
jaime.smith: Simple response
Luciano: well
jaime.smith: Did you choose me?
Luciano: i must go... ;-)
jaime.smith: :-)
Change the names!
Luciano: ok
in the next days you will be famous in villa marìa, my city
jaime.smith: NO
Luciano: this conversation will be famous
jaime.smith: No por favor
por favor
Luciano: your name won`t be
be calm buddy
jaime.smith: You want to learn English because you want to have an American novia
American girlfriend
Luciano: (my girlfriend is laughing loud next to me!)
don`t be problem
jaime.smith: Hey girlfriend, Te amo.
Luciano: my english is awful
jaime.smith: Te quiero, mi amor.
Luciano: eh, man
jaime.smith: Tell her I love her more than you do.
Luciano: be calm
jaime.smith: Corazon...
Luciano: or you will be inmortalized
jaime.smith: por dios!
Santisima. Dios mio perdon menardo!
Luciano: no creo que haya vuelta atràs
jaime.smith: Menardo, tonto!
Luciano: los del sur nos ofendemos terriblemente
creo que es imperdonale
lo siento Paul...
jaime.smith: Impertinente!
Luciano: ahora debo irme
jaime.smith: Lo siento...
Luciano: sì, ipertinente...
jaime.smith: Adios mi amor
Luciano: adios
jaime.smith: I didn't understand all you said lol
Luciano: you will
jaime.smith: Gracias
Luciano: lolo
jaime.smith: Bueno...
Buena Noches.


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