girlfriend is calling

sadday:: hi
32 minutos

sadday:: hello
Luciano: hi
sadday:: I found blog with chats of people on your contact lst.
Luciano: yes
sadday:: What time is it in Argentina?
Luciano: I started it yesterday
we have the 8.00 pm
sadday:: How many people have you chatte dwith?
Luciano: where ayer you?
sadday:: California
Luciano: oh, nice weather
sadday:: Yes, nice weather.
Luciano: it must be spring there...
sadday:: Yes. But we don't really get winter.
Luciano: are you programmer?
sadday:: how did you know?
Luciano: "@jabber.org"
sadday:: ahhhh
girlfriend is calling. need to run.
maybe chat later.
Luciano: ok
sadday:: bye bye.
Luciano: bye
send me some web site maked by you


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