es okay

rabbit1976: hello
You added me
who is this
Luciano: i have you in my talk list
rabbit1976: how though?
what's your asl?
did you add me?
Luciano: i don`t know why
i have many people
so i`m chating with everyone, to know o erase the addres
is a function of gmail talk
Im male, 29 years, from Villa Marìa, Argentina
rabbit1976: yes but has google added you to my list on accident? - or have you added me? - Maybe google has accidentally added you
great - 16 m ohio here
Luciano: ok
i don`t know
rabbit1976: es okay
Luciano: i opened a blog, because is a fun thing: newcontact.blogspot.com
rabbit1976: sí tengo un blog
Luciano: (I change the addressed, to avoid spammers)
tell me your url
rabbit1976: pero no aquilo a mi blog ahora
Luciano: rent your blog?
rabbit1976: no sé pero creo http://adam-winland.blogspot.com/
a mí es "free"
Luciano: ok
you speak spanish well
does anybody teach you?
rabbit1976: i never update my blog :-(
jee thanks :D
Luciano: oh
I have a pics blog too: www.lucianom.blogstpot.com
7 minutos

rabbit1976: I am starting up my laptop and going to connect it soon - so i also will have to take the installer for the new version of gtalk
it says that you're typing
but you're not so.... i'll talk to you in a minute ok


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