hey what is this photo,a man lying and injured seriously

(Day 2)
winyeme: hi
Luciano: hi
how r u?
r u there?
I started to use things like "r" and "u"
winyeme: no problem
find thanks
Luciano: it is a consecuence of my frecuent english chat
winyeme: fine
Luciano: ha
wath are you doing?
winyeme: surfing the web
and u
how about ur business
Luciano: one minute ago I stopped wath a movie
I have to sleep some
tomorrow I have a lot of work
I have to write for the newspaper
I have to take hundred of photos...
winyeme: ok ok
go on ur sleep
your careet is very interesting
Luciano: thanks
winyeme: career
Luciano: career?
wath you mean?
winyeme: career mean your job professional
so are u a journalist
Luciano: I enjoy it very much.
I`m a photographer and journalist
winyeme: g8,I want to be
Luciano: but I worked in worst places
winyeme: if u have time,share me your experience
why,do u want to say your country agrentina is worst
Luciano: No no.
My country is like the others: exactly different and unique.
I`m just taking the pulse to my days
winyeme: oh I see
Luciano: how old was you?
winyeme: where do u have to go tomorrow
Luciano: 8.30: english class
(you see I need it, ha ha)
in evening, taking photos and delivering some photos too
winyeme: English class?what is it
do u have to go there to get news
Luciano: no no
visit www.eldiariocba.com.ar
i work there
I must take inglish class to lear inglish, to me.
winyeme: ok I'll check it out
hey what is this photo,a man lying and injured seriously
Luciano: Was you who show me that amazing panoramic pic the other day?
a pic of buildings, a wall of buildings
winyeme: I don't know ur language spain
I cann't understand
Luciano: ok
winyeme: is the newspaper named eldiario
Luciano: yes
are you watching a man that fall into the grass
are you?
winyeme: yes
I am watching it
what happen to him
Luciano: he was fishing
winyeme: and then
Luciano: and trhow away the fish-net
(y don`t know how say "fish-net"
winyeme: ok I understand
go on
Luciano: and the wheit of it pull he
to water
winyeme: what is wheit
Luciano: So he fall into a cascade
and was hitted by the rocks, by the underwater rocks
and, in a miracle way, I catch an island
So he was picked up from a bridge
(I take this picture from the bridge)
I will send you by mail
winyeme: his age is 67,how come??is fishing is his professional
or fishing for relaxation
Luciano: I take many pics of this fact
no no
no profesional
winyeme: ok show me
Luciano: fishing for relax, to enjoy
he was fishing with friends
winyeme: but I don't understand wheit
what do u mean,u want to say whale
Luciano: tomorrow I`ll send the others pics
i mean weight
(i`m not sure how to write that)
weight, heave

who ?

anamarbsdmy: ?
who ?
Luciano: hi
i`m Luciano, from Argentina
anamarbsdmy: yes
Luciano: I invite you to chat becouse I have your email in my list
(I don`t know why)
anamarbsdmy: :)
nice to meet u
Luciano: the same I was writting...
anamarbsdmy: haha!
ASL please
Luciano: 29. Male. villa María, Córdoba
anamarbsdmy: me too
Luciano: you too?
wath is you ASL?
anamarbsdmy: yes
Luciano: oh, I chatted with many people from there
I don`t understand why they are in my gmail talk list...
anamarbsdmy: yes
me too

Hey don't post this chat online! lol

jaime.smith: hello?
Luciano: hola
que tal
jaime.smith: who are you?
Luciano: i`m LUciano. I invited to chat to everyone in my list
to know who they are
i`m from argentina
jaime.smith: mi no habla español but im spaniard lol
muy poquito only...:(
Luciano: ok
let`s talk in english
i`m doing this to chat in english
jaime.smith: sueta me
Luciano: look at www.newcontact.blogspot.com
jaime.smith: jk.
Yeah sure
What's this
I'm in cali btw
Luciano: check it
jaime.smith: all righty
Luciano: cali?
where are you?
jaime.smith: california amigo:-P
Luciano: ok
jaime.smith: bonito bonita!
What the hell!?
you're posting chat transcripts online...
Luciano: your spanish is so widespread
is to feel i leak out in some way
(i don`t find the word...)
jaime.smith: it's not widespread.. there's another word
Luciano: is to feel i trascend in some way, that is
jaime.smith: But it's because I am spanish myself
Luciano: really?
jaime.smith: But I don't speak the language...
Luciano: where are you from?
jaime.smith: California, USA i told you :-)
Hey don't post this chat online! lol
Luciano: but aren`t you telling me that you are spanish?
i change the nick, don`t make troubble
jaime.smith: Yes my mother is Portuguese/Spanish
Luciano: ah, ok
jaime.smith: Cool ok
Luciano: you have to live a romance with a latin girl to learn the language
jaime.smith: Lol
Luciano: sorry: wath`s "lol"?
jaime.smith: I want to learn Spanish too
LOL is acronym for "Laughing Out Loud"
Laughs Out Loud = L.O.L.
Luciano: is like say "ha ha ha!"
jaime.smith: yeah you got it
Luciano: so wath do you study?
jaime.smith: Oi Papi!
Computer Science
Computer Sciencia?
Luciano: wath is that, specificly?
jaime.smith: un momento
Luciano: Ciencia computacional, ciencia de computadoras, computaciòn cientìfica.
jaime.smith: Are they all different?
Ciencia computacional, computadoras, computacion cientifica...?
They are the same right?
Luciano: no, they are different, but I don`t know wath you want to say
jaime.smith: what is ciencia de computadoras?
Are you Argentinian?
Luciano: yes, I`m.
sorry, my girlfriend is telling me: "Choose: or your internet friend or me!"
she is a little demanding
jaime.smith: Lol
Luciano: yeah
jaime.smith: Simple response
Luciano: well
jaime.smith: Did you choose me?
Luciano: i must go... ;-)
jaime.smith: :-)
Change the names!
Luciano: ok
in the next days you will be famous in villa marìa, my city
jaime.smith: NO
Luciano: this conversation will be famous
jaime.smith: No por favor
por favor
Luciano: your name won`t be
be calm buddy
jaime.smith: You want to learn English because you want to have an American novia
American girlfriend
Luciano: (my girlfriend is laughing loud next to me!)
don`t be problem
jaime.smith: Hey girlfriend, Te amo.
Luciano: my english is awful
jaime.smith: Te quiero, mi amor.
Luciano: eh, man
jaime.smith: Tell her I love her more than you do.
Luciano: be calm
jaime.smith: Corazon...
Luciano: or you will be inmortalized
jaime.smith: por dios!
Santisima. Dios mio perdon menardo!
Luciano: no creo que haya vuelta atràs
jaime.smith: Menardo, tonto!
Luciano: los del sur nos ofendemos terriblemente
creo que es imperdonale
lo siento Paul...
jaime.smith: Impertinente!
Luciano: ahora debo irme
jaime.smith: Lo siento...
Luciano: sì, ipertinente...
jaime.smith: Adios mi amor
Luciano: adios
jaime.smith: I didn't understand all you said lol
Luciano: you will
jaime.smith: Gracias
Luciano: lolo
jaime.smith: Bueno...
Buena Noches.

The lil gal with a tennis bat is really cute

saramayl: Hi.
Luciano: hi
saramayl: Do I know U before? ;)
Luciano: i dont think. I have in my gmail talk list
but i don`t know you
saramayl: Well, you sent me an add request...
Anyway, where are you from? China?
Luciano: i ivite to chat to see if is any sense to have each other in our lists
i`m from Argentina
South America
and u?
saramayl: Alright
So, what do you do?
Luciano: i`m a photographer
i have some commercial pics here: www.lucianom.blogspot.com
saramayl: oh... thats your blog about! What language is that?
Luciano: spanish
do you don`t recognize spanish at first look?
saramayl: unfortunately..;.. idon't understand it. :(
Luciano: ok
saramayl: How to identify it?
wow! lots of nice photos! :D
Luciano: i don`t how to explain... I think it is fulled of vocals, but not muchs "a", like arabian languages
how old are you?
saramayl: :D never mind! I think I will find it out by visiting a few spanish sites...
Luciano: (are you man or woman?)
i hope you do.
saramayl: Man......... you?
Luciano: you visit us
29 years
saramayl: 20 yr old. Why? Does that matter? :o
Luciano: wath matters?
you mean, if the sex gender matters?
saramayl: my age and whether I am a guy or gal? Just asking! Don't take it serious!
Luciano: hah
saramayl: The lil gal with a tennis bat is really cute.
Luciano: yes
i hope to sell many pics
saramayl: Professional photographer? not just a hobby?
Luciano: i live with that, but I didn`t study photography...
life is like that: you have to do wath is in your hands
u have to improvise
saramayl: oh! Self taught! That takes you the hard way! Learning through your own experience!
Its a loong processs but certainly a good one! :)
Luciano: ha
is evening in India right now?
saramayl: 12:50 PM of April 10th.
Morning in your place?
Luciano: 4.19 am
of april 10
saramayl: ooooooh! Thats quiet early! :D
Luciano: i have to go to bed
saramayl: lol! :D
I thought you just woke up! :D
Luciano: i stay awake watching "the godfather"
amazing film
saramayl: Yup, nice film! haven't seen it yet though....
Luciano: i`m still seeing (in my mind) that hard faces
saramayl: my friends here told me about it...
Luciano: it is great, really
saramayl: :D
may be you should get a few winks before you begin the day!
Luciano: yes..
but i know me... Sleep is a lost case in some oportunities...
saramayl: okay! Then, a nice intro chat with you! Wish to build on!
Luciano: the better for me now is go ahead like i can
saramayl: :D lost case! Tough warrior?
Luciano: I lost war against imnsomnius
i don`t know how it writes, ha ha
saramayl: Then you better go to sleep now! insomnia I beleive!
Luciano: sleeplessness
saramayl: By the way, I am a Student of Medicine.
Luciano: oh
saramayl: and Insomnia is "lack of sleep"
Luciano: so you are a man or a girl?
why do you don`t want to say?
do you think I`ll make any difference?
saramayl: I told you buddy! I am a guy all the way from India of 20 yrs doing my medicine! :D
Luciano: ahaha
saramayl: yup,thats me
Luciano: I believe to read that you didn`t wanna to say
well, ok
i`m gonna sleep now
nice to meet
saramayl: Gooooooooooooood Night! Chweeeeeeeet dreams! :)
Luciano: same for you doctor
saramayl: :D
Luciano: bye


girlfar: နာမည္ဘယ္လိုေခၚပါသလဲ
Luciano: hi
do you speak english or spanish?
girlfar: သိပ္မရဘူးဟ
Luciano: http://www.chinaflowergift.com/valentine/v10224.jpg
girlfar: ျမန္မာလုိမရဘူးလားဟင္
What is your name?
Luciano: Luciano
girlfar: Tell me
Luciano: and your?
girlfar: really
Luciano: that is my name
i`m from Argentina
where are you?
in asia?
girlfar: myeik
ka par
Luciano: where is that
girlfar: Are you sure
Luciano: oh, nice place. I`m seeing pics from there
are you student?
girlfar: myeik is
Luciano: is wath?
girlfar: south of the myanmar naing ngan
Luciano: ok
my city is villa María, you can see pics of it here: lucianom.blogspot.com
girlfar: Thanintharyi Division
Luciano: www.lucianom.blogspot.com
girlfar: yes
Have you my nick name ?
Luciano: I don`t know how. It just appeared in my list of nicks.
girlfar: This is your photo
Luciano: lucianom.blogspot?
i will show you a photo of mine
girlfar: yes
Luciano: http://alanoche.blogspot.com/2006/02/sueen-chicas.html
girlfar: Are you Girl and Boy?
Luciano: this is my girl friend site
I`m a boy
29 years
how old are you?
girlfar: I want to your photo
Luciano: there is, in that link
i look like Gustavo Cerati
he is a rock star from here
wath music are you listening in your zone of the planet?
girlfar: Yor can speak myanmar lung
Luciano: no I can not
but your english is fabulous
much better than mine

why u add me?

reasonwhois: hello
who r u?
Luciano: hi
reasonwhois: who r u?
Luciano: my name is Luciano
i`m from Argentina
reasonwhois: why u add me?
Luciano: i have your email in my list and i was wanting to know who are u
reasonwhois: i c
may i know ur asl?
Luciano: 29 years, Villa Marìa, Córdoba, Argentina
reasonwhois: wait
Luciano: ok
10 minutos

reasonwhois: r u a man or lady
Luciano: a man
29 years
and you?
reasonwhois: 26 male
Luciano: ok
i opened a blog with all that first chats
reasonwhois: what it is?

New friend

wannuim: Good Morning
Luciano: hi
good nights
wannuim: Good Night
where r u??
Luciano: in Villa María, Argentina
and u?
wannuim: Myanmar,
U know?
Luciano: no, but I chatted with some from there
is in Asia?
wannuim: Right, south East asia
Luciano: ok
wannuim: How u come to my gmail account?
Where u get it?
Luciano: I have you in my list, so I invited to know you or to erase you
wannuim: NO problem
Luciano: I don`t know how you get there, but here you are...
i have many many contacts
wannuim: anyway, I am 30 yrs old , Male
and u??
Luciano: and i`m doing this since 2 days ago
29 years, male
i`m photographer
wannuim: Really, good
I am petroleum Engineer
Luciano: you can see blogs from Myanmar?
wannuim: working at Offshore Oil and gas company
in Myanmar
Luciano: ok
i worked in a gasoline station years ago...
wannuim: what u mean by blogs??
Luciano: it was my approach to your busines, ha ha
wannuim: what
's ur nationality??
Luciano: i mean websites with blogspot.com extension
I`m from Argentina,
wannuim: oh, I see
Luciano: I`m argentinian
wannuim: ok
Luciano: (wait a second, I go for a cofee)
wannuim: New friend
go on
Luciano: here I am
wannuim: ok
what r u doing now??
Luciano: i`m waiting my girlfriend finish to write her email to her mother, to start to watch a movie "El padrino"
is an old movie
wannuim: Is that good??
Luciano: i thing it is
it is a famous movie
wannuim: Who is the main actor?
Luciano: i will google that. gimme a second
wannuim: Oh, I see, I already watch this movie but I forgot the name
I knew it
Tha't the good one
Luciano: ok
wannuim: I back to work, see u later , Dude
Luciano: ok, see u


mmssew: hi
Luciano: hi

what't the purpose?

(DAY 2)
Luciano: hi
did I tell you about my blog?
fazema: not yet
Luciano: ok
i opened a blog, yesterday, with all thats first chats with unknowed people. I just changed the nick names, to avoid spamers to they
the url is www.newcontact.blogspot.com
fazema: sorry, here can't open the website
Luciano: oh
i didn`t know that
but I can send it thru email to u?
fazema: okay
Luciano: can you read PDF files?
fazema: i can
Luciano: ok
did you recive the email?
fazema: yes, i got it
what't the purpose?
Luciano: of blog?
about blog
is just to produce something fun, or reflexive
about multiculturalism
fazema: :-)
Luciano: when you want to know some blog, juts tell me, and I will send you
i don`t like that governmet prohibition
fazema: thank you

girlfriend is calling

sadday:: hi
32 minutos

sadday:: hello
Luciano: hi
sadday:: I found blog with chats of people on your contact lst.
Luciano: yes
sadday:: What time is it in Argentina?
Luciano: I started it yesterday
we have the 8.00 pm
sadday:: How many people have you chatte dwith?
Luciano: where ayer you?
sadday:: California
Luciano: oh, nice weather
sadday:: Yes, nice weather.
Luciano: it must be spring there...
sadday:: Yes. But we don't really get winter.
Luciano: are you programmer?
sadday:: how did you know?
Luciano: "@jabber.org"
sadday:: ahhhh
girlfriend is calling. need to run.
maybe chat later.
Luciano: ok
sadday:: bye bye.
Luciano: bye
send me some web site maked by you


yo no te agregue para nada

pablo.silvera: hola?/hello?
Luciano: hola
como va
pablo.silvera: hola
me conoces? porque me has agregado?
Luciano: cuando me conecté por primera vez con el Talk ví que estaban agregados un montón de contactos
entonces invité a cada uno, para saber quienes eran
pablo.silvera: pues yo no te agregue para nada porque no conozco nada de ti. Bueno ya hablaremos me tengo que ir
hasta luego


andres.gimenez: hola
quien eres?
Luciano: hola
soy Luciano, de argentina
andres.gimenez: ahm
Luciano: cuando me conecté por primera vez con el Talk ví que estaban agregados un montón de contactos
entonces invité a cada uno, para saber quienes eran
antonio.foncubierta : tu conoces a muadiv ??
Luciano: y así hacer amigos o suprimir eesas direcciones
qué es?
andres.gimenez: un argentino que conozco yo
Luciano: no, no lo conozco
andres.gimenez: por si es x eso por lo que yo estaba entre tus contactos
Luciano: vos de dónde sos?
andres.gimenez: de Sevilla, España
Luciano: ah
no sé: tengo uno 800 contactos
son los que fuí agregando de mi anterior cuenta Yahoo y Hotmail
vos a què te dedicàs¿
andres.gimenez: estudio
Luciano: ok
andres.gimenez: ingeniero de telecomunicacion
Luciano: es algo como reparar equipos o mas bien diseñar software?
andres.gimenez: bueno... es algo distinto
Luciano: porque con los avances que hay en celulares e internet, bien, no sé qué queda por hacer
andres.gimenez: radio, telefonía, robótica, telemática, electrónica, ondas, tratamiento digital de señales, imágenes y sonido
Luciano: ah ,vos sos de los que van a hacer lo que quede por hacer..
andres.gimenez: eso es :D
Luciano: funciona la red Fon.es?
leí sobre ella pero nunca me crucé con algún usuario
andres.gimenez: con lo de fon hay mucho revuelo
por lo visto es algo serio
Luciano: buenísimo
el otro día leí que ya en San Francisco tienen internet gratis
andres.gimenez: en España, hay una empresa, Jazztel, que ha llegado a un acuerdo con FON para que su ancho de banda pueda revenderse
por otra parte, un profesor de mi escuela tiene un amigo que trabaja en FON
Luciano: ellos lo que hicieron fue desarrollar un router y un soft, no?
yo tengo un amigo que quiere armar servidores de correo electrònico
con linux y eso
andres.gimenez: si, creo que eso es lo que hicieron los de fon
Linux mola :D
ups, q esto es TALK,...
Luciano: qué cosa?
andres.gimenez: queria poner un dedo pulgar hacia arriba
Luciano: ah
parece un pubis
un pubis femenino
andres.gimenez: JAJAJA
yo estoy usando linux ahora mismo
Luciano: bueno, ese amigo que quiere hacer los servidores también usa linux, pero cada ver que voy a visitarlo esta, por ejemplo, investigando cómo, no sé, por decir algo, abrir dos ventanas a la vez
como que hay que trabajar más de la cuenta con él...
andres.gimenez: eso es falso... :P
Luciano: pero uno siente que no está en la órbita de microsoft
andres.gimenez: un segundo, ahora mismo vuelvo
Luciano: lo es?
andres.gimenez: voy a instalar un programa... dame 5 minutos
Luciano: ok
andres.gimenez: JUAS
parece que ya he vuelto
te estoy hablando desde el navegador :D
desde gmail
Luciano: cómo se hace?
andres.gimenez: es que estoy instalando una nueva versión del cliente de mensajería instantánea GAIM
pues.... tienes que entrar en GMAIL con la interfaz en inglés americano
Luciano: ahá
andres.gimenez: y entonces podrás ver los "Quick Contacts"
Luciano: a ver
uh, me da fiaca
probaré después
andres.gimenez: jeje
Luciano: lo que a mí me gustaría es ganar dinero con el adsense
andres.gimenez: jajaja
Luciano: tengo un site de fotos (www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com)
pero aunque tuve 10000 visitas en unos meses NADIE hizo clic en el aviso...
es increíble
andres.gimenez: jajaja
pues lo que te iba diciendo... Linux no es dificil
Luciano: ahá
andres.gimenez: lo que pasa que requiere acostumbrarse un poco a donde están las cosas
igual que hicimos todos en su dia cuando aprendimos a usar Win
Luciano: sí, pero qué ventajas tiene (ventajas reales y no fanatismos)?
andres.gimenez: muchísimas...
tengo escrito un artículo :D
(has dado con un activista :P)
Luciano: a ver
pasame el link
si consiguiera convencerme, me cambio a linux ya
andres.gimenez: he convencido a gente ya eh :D
Luciano: sólo que no quiero trabajar en pos de una fe: para eso me pongo a estudiar filosofía
andres.gimenez: a ver,,,
te cuento
te doy el enlace, ok?
Luciano: vale
andres.gimenez: antonio.foncubierta.googlepages.com/linux
http://antonio.foncubierta .googlepages.com/linux
Luciano: (lo esoy leyendo, dame un rato)
andres.gimenez: sí, pero ve comentandome lo que vayas leyendo
y así lo voy completando
¿cómo vas?
Luciano: claro
la diferencia está en el precio: en Argentina los programas no cuestan nada
te lo pirateás sin piedad
incluso grandes empresas tienen software pirata
tal vez en españa cambie esa situación
ciertamente, linux es mucho más barato y muy parecido a windows
Pero windows es más fácil de manejar
(sigo con tu nota)
andres.gimenez: en España tb se piratea
pero no deja de ser un delito
mi Windows no es original
pero ya no lo uso :D
Luciano: ja
bueh, me cansé. Demasiado pensamiento para un domingo
pero está bien
andres.gimenez: jaja
Luciano: de todos modos, sigue siendo cuerdo usar Windows, por mi parte
porque uso mucho el photoshop
andres.gimenez: vaya... lo intentaré de nuevo en otra ocasión
yo usaba mucho photoshop
ahora uso EL GIMP
Luciano: en mi trabajo. Si usase otra plataforma de edición de fotos tendría que manejar dos sistemas distintos
andres.gimenez: si sabes usar Phtoshp, el GIMP no te cuesta trabajo
Luciano: Es decir: sé que el mundo va hacia Linux, pero todavía puedo disfrutar el Win. Como con los combustibles: sabemos que hay que comenzar el traslado general hacia energías menos contaminantes, pero como que estiramos el plazo un poquito más cada día.
andres.gimenez: si,... fastidiando a las generaciones venideras :P
YA he instalado GAIM :D
Luciano: qué es el Gaim?
andres.gimenez: un cliente de mensajería instantánea multiprotocolo
para usar MSN y Google Talk a la vez
con un solo programa :D
Luciano: uy que bueno
lo puedo usar en win?
espera q te doy el enlace :D
Luciano: ok
andres.gimenez: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/
5 minutos

Luciano: bueno, me voy a dar una vuelta
en Villa María, donde vivo, se estila dar "la vuelta del perro"
consistente en ir en tu vehículo (moto, auto, bici) por la costanera
y ahí mirar a la gente que circula
y ser observado
nos vemos
andres.gimenez: ciao!
Luciano: ciao

quem é?

viviostefania: quem é?
Luciano: hi
speak spanish or english?
viviostefania: english
Luciano: ok
i`m Luciano, I live in Argentina, and I`m inviting all my gmail talk contacts to chat, to know them or erase them
you look like brazilian
are u?

Google quiere invadir el planeta!!

zigie.stardust: hola
Luciano: hola
que tal
zigie.stardust: bien, ¿y tu?
Luciano: bien, con sueño
zigie.stardust: por cierto.. ¿quien eres? :p
Luciano: ja
tengo en la lista de mi gtalk un montón de gente que no sé quién es
así que los invité a todos para chatear, de manera de conocerlos y saber quién queda y quién no
y, de paso empecé un blog con estos chateos (algunos se desconcertaron bastante y eso produjo un lindo texto)
zigie.stardust: aps
Luciano: tu de dónde eres?
zigie.stardust: Cataluña
Luciano: ok
zigie.stardust: y tu?
Luciano: Villa María, Córdoba
zigie.stardust: mu bien ;)
Luciano: gracias
zigie.stardust: yo tengo unas cuantas webs, pero estan todas en catalan
Luciano: a ver
pruebo a ver si entiendo algo
zigie.stardust: www.eurion.net , www.elcatalacorrecte.com
http://walnut.eurion.net (esta es de un CMS para hacer webs, rollo PHP-Nuke, Mambo, etc... no se si sabes que son..) (la pag. inicial està en ingles)
Luciano: sí, veo que están hechas en php
están muy lindas
sos un profesional
zigie.stardust: :) gracias
Luciano: yo apenas llego a ser un bloggeador
es que habría que nacer de nuevo para poder aprender todo lo que hay ahora
encima, el ajax
yo quiero conseguir un programita (no sé cómo llamarlo) en ajax para los comentarios de mi sitio
para que se visualicen de inmediato al haberlos escrito
para que, así, sea más interactivo
zigie.stardust: :o pues no conocia el AJAX este
Luciano: bueno, es el lenguaje en que està hecho el flickr.com y también el gmail.com
viste cuando se introduce un cambio sin que la página entera se recargue?
bueno, eso es ajax (que parece que es muy similar al java)
zigie.stardust: pensava que eso lo hacen solo con javascript
pues si que esta bien el AJAX este.. a lo mejor un dia aprendo a usarlo :p
por cierto, a lo mejor este navegador te interesa: http://flock.com/
es especial para bloggers :p
(pero aun esta en fase de desarollo)
Luciano: a ver...
luce bien
no sé cómo descargarlo
de todos modos, la semana pasada instalé el firefox
a ver qué tal
zigie.stardust: (http://flock.com/developer/windows.php)
si, el Firefox esta muy bien
zigie.stardust: desde que lo probé por primera vez que no he vuelto a tocar el IE (hasta he pensado en desinstalarlo)
Luciano: uy
yo estoy acostumbrado a sus shortcutkey
pero bueno, tampoco me parece tan horrible
es un tema muy ideológico
zigie.stardust: ui, porque no conoces Micro$oft xD como peor hacen las cosas mas contentos estan
Luciano: no sé...
Bill inventó el Basic, y adaptó el windows...
como que le tengo confianza
zigie.stardust: con el iexplorer te entran 50.000 virus, las paginas bien hechas no funcionan (tienen su propia version de HTML), etc...
Luciano: pero acaso no puedo hacerlo con el www.google.com/reader?
lo voy a probar en los días siguientes
lo que sí me gusta del firefox es su diálogo de búsqueda en una página: en el IE está puesto en el mismísimo medio de la pantalla...
ah, y el zoom, también es superior
zigie.stardust: :o joder con los de Google.. no hay forma de pararlos xDD
cada semana encuentro algo nuevo suyo
a que no sabes la última...
qué tal?
zigie.stardust: xDD
Google quiere invadir el planeta!!
Luciano: google le quiere solucionar la vida a la gente, y todo el que no sea un artista o posea una gran paz espiritual, se va a volver loco el día que tenga todo el día libre por delante.
5 minutos

Luciano: hey
me voy a dormir

es okay

rabbit1976: hello
You added me
who is this
Luciano: i have you in my talk list
rabbit1976: how though?
what's your asl?
did you add me?
Luciano: i don`t know why
i have many people
so i`m chating with everyone, to know o erase the addres
is a function of gmail talk
Im male, 29 years, from Villa Marìa, Argentina
rabbit1976: yes but has google added you to my list on accident? - or have you added me? - Maybe google has accidentally added you
great - 16 m ohio here
Luciano: ok
i don`t know
rabbit1976: es okay
Luciano: i opened a blog, because is a fun thing: newcontact.blogspot.com
rabbit1976: sí tengo un blog
Luciano: (I change the addressed, to avoid spammers)
tell me your url
rabbit1976: pero no aquilo a mi blog ahora
Luciano: rent your blog?
rabbit1976: no sé pero creo http://adam-winland.blogspot.com/
a mí es "free"
Luciano: ok
you speak spanish well
does anybody teach you?
rabbit1976: i never update my blog :-(
jee thanks :D
Luciano: oh
I have a pics blog too: www.lucianom.blogstpot.com
7 minutos

rabbit1976: I am starting up my laptop and going to connect it soon - so i also will have to take the installer for the new version of gtalk
it says that you're typing
but you're not so.... i'll talk to you in a minute ok

the world is not fair

fazema: hello?
Luciano: hi
fazema: where r u from/

Luciano: i`m from Villa María, Argentina
south america
and u?
fazema: China, Nanjing, near to Shanghai
Luciano: oh
i`ll google nanjing, to see photos
amazing colors: http://www.travelsphere.co.uk/website/about-trav/images/hires/Shanghai%20-%20Nanjing%20Road.jpg
fazema: :)
may i know you name? so i can remember you
Luciano: my name is Luciano Menardo
I have in my gtalk list.
fazema: i'm Zefa Ma
Luciano: i have you in my talk list
nice to meet you, Ma
(Ma is your first name, isn`t?)
fazema: Menardo is you family name?
Luciano: yes ha ha
it is
in occident is opposite in orient
i have a lot of people in my gmail talk list of contacts: so I`m chating with everybody to make friends (or erase persons )
fazema: what is it which you sent me just now?
Luciano: the link?
fazema: yep
Luciano: is a pic of your city I found in google
fazema: ma is my family name, i change it. usually here people call me as Ma Ze Fa.
:) the picture is not Nanjing
it is Nanjing Road in Shanghai
Luciano: how old are you?
fazema: 25
Luciano: r u student?
fazema: yeah.
Luciano: wath do you study?
fazema: finance]
Luciano: my sister, named "Analìa", studied Economics
fazema: oh.
Argentina is a famous cuntry in my major
Luciano: why?
wath is "my major"?
your parents?
fazema: Argentina is a case of financial crisis
Luciano: o, yeah
but our political class are working to chage that
fazema: now China is preparing openness
Luciano: they went in to a general default
fazema: we must learn from Argentina
Luciano: China will be USA in a couple of decades
I think Argentina and China are very different
fazema: the world is not fair
Luciano: well, the natura ist`n too
fazema: many crisises are led by the liberalization theory
which is beats the drum for by the developed country
Luciano: I have to go for a while
i must go to take a picture
fazema: okay
Luciano: to my news paper
we continue another day
fazema: bye

hey man

stuckatyan: hey man
Luciano: hi
stuckatyan: hw is it going?
Luciano: good
stuckatyan: cool
Luciano: working a little
& u?
stuckatyan: sounds like fun
how do I knwo you
just wondered
gtalk or GD
Luciano: I don`t know. I invited everyone in my talk list, to know or erase the
stuckatyan: oh okay
Luciano: where are you from?
i`m from argentina
stuckatyan: see it on your blog
Luciano: yes
stuckatyan: nada
Luciano: do you want we talk in spanis?
stuckatyan: hey dude, I need to get some food
Luciano: I opened a new blog today, with all my first chats with unknowed people in gtalk (I modify the ID to avoid spammers)
stuckatyan: I brb
Luciano: ok
stuckatyan: hahhahaha
so funny
Luciano: look it in newcontact.blogspot.com
it is like a tv show (so much cheap)
well, I continue working
19 minutos

stuckatyan: back
hey dudd
do you change the names?
you are crazy
but it's kinda a cool idea
Luciano: I changed to not damage people
I`m glad it liked you
stuckatyan: oh cool
so you just give me another name
that's good man
Luciano: you are from USA?
stuckatyan: if not it would suck a bit, you never know
Luciano: no wath?
stuckatyan: what?
I am in Canada
Luciano: really?
stuckatyan: yeh
Luciano: I have a good friend in there
stuckatyan: yeah*
Luciano: i don`t remember the city
her name is Vivian Bejerman
stuckatyan: near toronto?
haha, no clue:P
Luciano: I thing is toronto where she lives
stuckatyan: oh that's near me
Luciano: wath do you do for live?
stuckatyan: student
Luciano: wath do you study?
stuckatyan: high school
Luciano: funny
stuckatyan: why?
Luciano: i went to a non hard school: thats why I writte like this, ja ja
I go now. Lets talk in another oportunity
stuckatyan: cya

how's you get my email?

incordio@gmail.com: how's you get my email?
Luciano: i have a lot of unknowed persons in my gtalk list. I`m chatting with they to make friends (or clear my list)


I only know footballers at Agrentina

winyeme: hey
u invite me
Luciano: hi
i`m iviting everybody who appears in my gmail list
to make friends (or erase contacts)
winyeme: how come??
how am i your contact list
Luciano: I have not idea. I just have a 1000 gmail contacts
it suprices me too
winyeme: oh great
Luciano: i was thinking in open a blog with my frist talks: yesterday I had one funny
i show it
gimme a seccond
winyeme: now I am watching your website fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
winyeme: may I know your ASL
Luciano: wath is?
my computer IP?
winyeme: no no age sex and location
Luciano: ok
29. Male. City of Villa María, Argentina
winyeme: me,26 male Singapore
Luciano: i have photos in my blog www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
oh, singapore
so far
winyeme: but I am burmese
do u know Burma
Luciano: no, I dont
where is it?
winyeme: near thailand,now called Myanmar
Luciano: really? yesterday I chat (in the same way like now) with a kid from there
he send me incredible photo links
the best of gmail talk is it put your chats directly in you mail account
winyeme: yes
Luciano: http://www.orasulsuceava.ro/index02_OrasulSuceava_Fotografii.html
winyeme: its cool
Luciano: no no, this kid was from rumania, not from Myanmar...
I chat a lot between yesterday and today, ha ha
winyeme: what is ur language,portugese
or somethign
Luciano: My language?
or yours?
the mine is Spanish
winyeme: normally we are using burmese
Luciano: ok
winyeme: but in singapore we are using english
Luciano: i will google Burma
winyeme: go on
Luciano: two languages?
winyeme: yes
Luciano: oh, I`m seeing a shocking gold temple
watching, I meen
winyeme: I think it is our famous "shwedagon" pagoda
it nearly 1000 years old
Luciano: yes, it is
winyeme: I only know footballers at Agrentina
Luciano: well, we have many football everywhere
I, personaly, don`t linke football
winyeme: don't u play football
Luciano: because I grow up in Venezuela (another country), where the sport that kids plays are baseball
winyeme: I also know venezuela
Miss universe
Luciano: yes, that is a famous thing of they
winyeme: May I know your professional
Luciano: but the middle venezuelan girl is not very "miss universe"
yes, I`m photographer
winyeme: really,I am very interested in taking photograph
Luciano: I have some (profesional) pics in www.lucianom.blogspot.com
wath do u want to talk about?
(in photography, I mean)
winyeme: I am not professional in photograph
I am just a amateure
Luciano: wath do you do for live?
winyeme: I am an IT professional
Luciano: No no: I`m a amateur too: but in this little city you can camouflagge a little
i don`t have photgraphy studies, but nobody have here
wath is IT?
winyeme: computer professional
Luciano: ok
winyeme: I am watching your website
your girls are so pretty
Luciano: thanks
they are
(about be profesional: photography is just practice, like play piano)
well, I go to work
winyeme: ok
Luciano: to deliver a CD with pics
see you Yemin Win
winyeme: ok see you


izakz1: merhaba?
Luciano: hi
izakz1: hmm hi. you've added me?
Luciano: spanish?
izakz1: how do you know me?
Luciano: im sending invitations to everybody I have in my gmail list
to know them (or erase them)
im from Argentina
izakz1: hmm i guess i don't knw you
i'm from turkey
Luciano: wow, turkey
so so far
well, nice to meet you

Argentina girls also very preety

usetoollost: hey
who r u
Luciano: hi
usetoollost: how do u know my id ?
Luciano: my name is Luciano, I`m from argentina
usetoollost: wow
Luciano: don`t know how I have your mail but it appeared in my talk contact list
usetoollost: u know where i am from
Luciano: no
where are you from?
usetoollost: ok
i am from Myanmar ?
from myanmar
u know ?
Luciano: no, I don`t
where is that country?
(or city)
usetoollost: Asia
hey .. Myanmar is country name
near with Thailand
do u know thailand ?
Luciano: wow, so far from here...
no, I don`t have the pleasure
i just know up to Venezuela
usetoollost: hahaha
i know venezuela
Luciano: really?
usetoollost: most of the miss universe r come from that country
rite ?
Argentina girls also very preety
Luciano: yeah, thats true, but the middle venezuelan woman are not so pretty
usetoollost: aw
Luciano: I agree to the last
usetoollost: hahaha
my friend is the sailor , he arrived ur country and said me abt ur country
Luciano: oh
well, nice to meet you
usetoollost: me too
Luciano: I have to go to te cinema with my girl
usetoollost: wow
very well
when will u go
Luciano: ok
see you
usetoollost: ok
take ur time
Luciano: ok
usetoollost: Have a nice day
Luciano: a nice night, because here is nigth
usetoollost: aw
i c
here is day
Luciano: ja
usetoollost: good night
Luciano: bye bye

I'm a student

janbrody: who is this and how did you get my email (not to sound mean, but I'm not sure I know you)
Luciano: hi
my name is Luciano, I`m from argentina
i don`t know how I have your mail but it appeared in my talk contact list
janbrody: o, alright
Luciano: and i`m inviting everyone I my list, to know them or erase them
janbrody: :) nice to meet you then
I'm Brody
Luciano: oh, nice to meet you too
are you woman or male?
or where are you from?
(to make me a image of you)
janbrody: Male, from the US
Luciano: ok
i`m a photographer
janbrody: neet
Luciano: neet?
janbrody: neat* sorry
Luciano: wath is neat?
janbrody: I like photography, but I'm not very good, neat means, cool, or great, basically, that's interesting
it means that's interesting
Luciano: ok ok
janbrody: it's one of our idiums
Neat usually means the opposite of messy
Luciano: ah, undestand
janbrody: :)
Luciano: and wath do you do? (for work)
janbrody: I'm a student
Luciano: are you a teenager?
janbrody: yes
Luciano: ha, ok
janbrody: I'm almost in high school
Luciano: I have a site where I put pics of teenagers in fridays and saturdays nights
janbrody: cute puppie
how old is it?
Luciano: How old is wath?
janbrody: the puppie on your site, the young dog
Luciano: aah
one month, I think
janbrody: o
You do a good job with your web site
Luciano: thanks
well, I must go to cinema with my girlfriend
see you
janbrody: Well, it was nice meeting you. I hope I see you online again soon.
Luciano: nice to meet you
i will be
janbrody: nice to meet you

(day 2)

janbrody: Hello again
Luciano: hi
how are you
janbrody: I'm good, you?
Luciano: fine
i`m coming from work
janbrody: How is your website?
Luciano: which of them?
janbrody: Where do you work?
Luciano: in a newspaper
janbrody: The photo site.
Luciano: www.eldiariocba.com.ar (is the newspaper)
my photo gallery is www.lucianom.blogspot.com an I colaborate with www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
janbrody: So, what is your name. So I can look at your articles.
Luciano: My name is Luciano Menardo, but I don`t publish with it
I`m redacter and photographer
janbrody: What do you publish with?
Luciano: wait, I`ll show you things (let me search it)
look: http://www.eldiariocba.com.ar/edicion/edicion/titulos/imageN2 (I take this pic)
in the home of www.eldiariocba.com.ar you can see it
wath are doing?
janbrody: I am trying to understand how to open up the picture tou took
Luciano: just copy and paste the link in your navbar
in a explorer window
janbrody: it doesn't work
How did you get my e-mail again?
Luciano: ir works in my PC
well, anyway: is not a very nice pic...
janbrody: why is that?
Luciano: why wath?
janbrody: why is the pic bad?
Luciano: is a pic of a old woman, and... she is not so nice... ha ha
janbrody: lol
How did you get my e-mail address?
Luciano: I just have in my gtalk list
i have hundred of addresses
janbrody: it just, appeared there?
Luciano: yes, I`m inviting everyones in that list, to know who they are
janbrody: in what list?
Luciano: in my gtalk list
the list of my gmail talk window
janbrody: so, it's in your gtalk list, but how did it get on there?
Luciano: I don`t have the minimun idea
janbrody: no offense sir, but that is extremely suspicious
Luciano: no problem
we should ask about it to google talk ingeneers
i found an article about this
janbrody: what is the article?
Luciano: http://adamjh.blogspot.com/2006/04/google-decides-who-should-be-able-to.html
21 minutos

janbrody: Wow, well, I understand now
I'm sorry to have accused you
Luciano: ok ok
ha ha
janbrody: I need to be careful because there are some pretty weird people online. Everyone needs to guard themself.
Luciano: of course
i do the same
5 minutos

janbrody: I just e-mailed google about the situation. No offense, but it scares me. Some pedofile could have me on his list and I wouldn't know it.
Luciano: I think you do right
janbrody: Thanks
Luciano: I have two sisters, and I don`t like my sister of 14 years old chat with anyone...
janbrody: I mean, there's only a certain amount of trust you can give in someone you don't really know, or haven't ever met.
Luciano: thats true, but also is: we, the persons, have to know new people
life is like this
and is good in that way
we need to be opened
janbrody: That is true, but one must be conscience of dangers that are out there. Not everyone in the world you haven't met is bad, but being careful is the best option. Not paranoid.
Luciano: of course
I meet my girl friend because i read her text in her blog: alanoche.blogspot.com
janbrody: lol
Luciano: now we live togheter
I don`t know
janbrody: lol
Luciano: the world is the same thru the web than the streets
is true that we have to be carefoul
well,, I must go
janbrody: I'm glad, you are that fortunate, because some people have been abducted through online chats
Luciano: continue chatting another day?
janbrody: Alrihgt
Luciano: ok
see you
janbrody: c ya later
Luciano: bye bye
janbrody: bye

i`m a gentoo linux user

19800thestick: ro?
Luciano: hi
19800thestick: ro?
Luciano: speak english?
19800thestick: yes
Luciano: or spanish?
19800thestick: no spanish
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: only romanian & english
Luciano: ok ok
im from argentina
19800thestick: nice :)
Luciano: I`m sending invitations to people that I have in my chat list
people who I don`t know
19800thestick: figured out that :)
Luciano: I do it just to know they or erase they
19800thestick: i don`t mind
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: you having me in your list
Luciano: yes
19800thestick: as long as you don`t disturb me unnecesarily
Luciano: I don`t know why
ok, I won`t do that never
19800thestick: neither will i
Luciano: ok
19800thestick: bye
Luciano: but I have to know somthing about you, just to have the need to disturb you a little (but not will do that)
somthing like wath do you do, etc.
19800thestick: go on
Luciano: im photographer
19800thestick: i`m a algorithm progammer
Luciano: wath is your work?
19800thestick: i`m learning algorithms
all day long
Luciano: are you un high scholl?
19800thestick: yes
i`m 16
how old are you?
Luciano: 29
sorry, I have phone
now i`m free again
19800thestick: .oh
Luciano: I have a sister of 14 years
19800thestick: i assume you took my id from a big mailing list?
Luciano: no
19800thestick: or something?
Luciano: I dont know why i have your mail
19800thestick: but from where?
Luciano: your id
19800thestick: strange:P
Luciano: i have 880 gmail people in my list
19800thestick: 19800thestick , my gtalk id
Luciano: in my google talk list
well, i dont` distrub you anymore
go ahear with that matematics
good luck
19800thestick: thank you
good luck to you also
Luciano: ok
if you want to know how is Villa María (the place in argentina where I live) go to www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
19800thestick: i`ll see
nice photos
Luciano: thaks!
19800thestick: is this your blog?
or your city`s?
Luciano: it is mine city and my blog
my city
19800thestick: ..ohh
Luciano: wath is you city?
19800thestick: http://www.orasulsuceava.ro/index02_OrasulSuceava_Fotografii.html
Luciano: oh
i will google suceava
19800thestick: chose george enescu
that is where i live
Luciano: ok ok
woow, wath a nice place
im watching a panoramic photo!!
19800thestick: thank you
Luciano: lovely mountains in the far
19800thestick: yes..
Luciano: and clouds
19800thestick: every summer i go to the mountains
Luciano: yeah
in spanish "very nice" says: "muy lindo", and pronunciate (in english) "mooy leendo"
19800thestick: :))
Luciano: bueno, me voy a trabajar
well, i continue working
19800thestick: si eu ma duc la munca
Luciano: in my photos
19800thestick: :)
Luciano: wath did you say?
" eu ma duc la munca"?
19800thestick: si eu ma duc la munca = i `m going to continue working too
munca = working
si eu = me too
ma duc = i`m going
Luciano: ok ok
thanks for the talk
i was thinking in open a blog with my first chats with unknowed persons (like u)
wath do you think?
19800thestick: i don`t mind
Luciano: ok ok
19800thestick: eventually switch 613 with 316
so i don`t recieve spam
Luciano: i wont do that
19800thestick: and stuff
Luciano: ok, i understand
good advice
19800thestick: unfourtanley , some people continue spamming
Luciano: yes...
19800thestick: very nice idea about chats /w unknown people
Luciano: thanks, I will star a blog (with the nicknames changed for protectios, like you suggest)
19800thestick: add to my description , or somehere
that i`m a gentoo linux user
i promote linux :)
Luciano: yes?
19800thestick: yes :)
Luciano: wath is "gentoo"?
19800thestick: a linux distribution
Luciano: ok
in argentina doesn`t exist to pay for software
19800thestick: neither romania
Luciano: here every things are free
it is good
19800thestick: bittorent / piracy
we know
Luciano: yea
i use the Ares
19800thestick: but windows sucks anyway
Luciano: yes

19800thestick: er..
and let me know
when the blog is ready
i would like to see it
Luciano: ok ok


shantanu.iitkgp: hey hi
Luciano: hi
shantanu.iitkgp: do i know u??
i am trying to recall u
where r u from?
Luciano: I don`t think
Im from argentina
shantanu.iitkgp: i guess latin america
ohh i see
where did u got my id?
Luciano: and i`m sending invitations to unknowed people I have in my gmail list
I really don`t know
well, nice to meet you
shantanu.iitkgp: r u male or female?
Luciano: male
shantanu.iitkgp: ohh
Luciano: and you?
shantanu.iitkgp: me too
Luciano: ok
so I will not travel around the world to meet you.
I`m lucky guy
shantanu.iitkgp: haha
Luciano: its a joke
luccky, i don`t know how it writes
well, nathing
shantanu.iitkgp: so how old r u?
Luciano: 29
and u?
shantanu.iitkgp: me 22
Luciano: ok
are you from the eeuu?
shantanu.iitkgp: india
Luciano: oh

who the hell is this

bigf1526: who the hell is this
do i know u
Luciano: i`m sending invitations who every gmail account in my list
to know they (or erase they)
bigf1526: how did u get on ur list if i don't know u?
don't you think that's a little unfair
Luciano: I don`t have idea
the same I say
bigf1526: why would you want to talk to me if you have no clue who i cam
you *am
you don't know who i am
and u don't speak english
Luciano: many friend ships had start in that way
bigf1526: so i don't know how you got my email address
Luciano: there have been people who got married
bigf1526: i don't care
ur using a translater
Luciano: well, let finish this
bigf1526: finish what?
have we started anything?
Luciano: this bitter (for you) talk
go with god
bigf1526: you are invading my privacy by adding me, because I don't know you
go with g-d?
what's that supposed to mean
i disapprove of you
Luciano: well, let me go out your privacy
bigf1526: good
Luciano: errase me
good bye
bigf1526: i'm blocking you now
Luciano: ok

chimchim808: who is this?
Luciano: hi
chimchim808: ho
who is this?
Luciano: I`m sending invitations to my talk account to the people who appear off line
chimchim808: i c
Luciano: well
nice to meet you
i`m photographer
chimchim808: =)
Luciano: fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com

izakz1: merhaba?

thealex: Who r u
Luciano: i`m luciano, from argentina
I`m just inviting contacts who are off line
thealex: nice to meet u
Luciano: to know them o erase them
nice to meet you too
thealex: why for?
Luciano: becouse I dont like how it looks
all that grey people, off line, is like dead people
in my gmail talk panel
thealex: may b

Ojersmeb hi
who are you?
Luciano: hi
Im Luciano, from ARgentina
I´m just inviting all my off line gmail contacts
to know thems (or erase...)
I have 800....
Who are you?
(you can erase me, no problem...)
Ojersmeb lars from sweden, stockholm
Luciano: nice to meet you
Ojersmeb same
Luciano: I live en Villa María, Córdoba
I am photographer and have some pics here www.lucianom.blogspot.com and here www.fotosalxmayor.blogspot.com
Ojersmeb ok, ill have to go now .... check them out later ... bye bye
Luciano: ok